Business of Software Dress Code

We received this email amongst others…

“Sorry to bother you with a trivial question, but this is my first time at BoS and I was curious as to the dress code at the conference.¬† Thanks.”

I am always tempted at this point to respond by saying, ‘Black Tie’.

The dress code for Business of Software is, ‘Clothes’.

Please come and wear what you feel comfortable in, and comfortable thinking and talking in. People wear all sorts of things.

The bell curve would cover shorts and thongs/flip flops at one end, three piece suit and tie at the other. The majority of attendees will wear t-shirts of casual shirts, skirts, chinos, jeans. Hats optional. Ties are not ¬†advised as they can constrict the flow of blood to the brain thus making thinking harder but it is entirely your choice as long as you don’t offend others.