Noam Wasserman, author of The Founder's Dilemmas hits Amazon best sellers list and wants to answer your questions

We were very excited when Professor Noam Wasserman, author of The Founder's Dilemmas - Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup agreed to speak at Business of Software this year especially when he offered to get involved in a guest blog to see whether we could apply some of the lessons he has learned in his studies to some of the more grown-up businesses that come to Business of Software.

(Here he is speaking at Business of Software 2008).

His book was due for publication on 25th March, (here is the Publisher's Weekly Review) but he dropped me a note on Friday to let me know that not only had the publication date been bought forward, but the books was already on the Amazon best sellers list. Congratulations Noam!

We would love to get some sense of some of the things that you worry about as founders – not just so he can try to offer some answers, but to help him craft a talk at Business of Software this year that answers the issues that are relevant to you. 

If you get a moment, please complete this VERY short Survey Monkey Questionnaire. You can do it anonymously, but if you leave your email address, we will contact one person at random and send them a signed copy of the book. We have extended the deadline for submitting your question by two days so please submit by midnight Thursday 22nd March.

Link to that VERY short Survey Monkey Questionnaire.

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Confirmed speakers this year include Professor Noam Wasserman, Jason Cohen, Mikey Traft, Adii Pienaar, Joel Spolksy, Peldi, Paul Kenny, Bob Dorf, Dharmesh Shah and others who spend their lives at the sharp end of software businesses around the world. We hope to see you there.