Managing projects with subversion and trac – free ebook from BoS workshop

Beau Adkins writes,

"Along with Zuly, I attended Business of Software (BoS2011) this year. This was my first time attending, and I have to say it was an intense 3 days; lots of learning and lots of networking. Although I had a good time and met a lot of really nice people, I’m glad to be back home programming. It was a bit draining for an introvert like myself.

"I held a workshop on Managing Software Projects with Subversion and Trac. I created a simple eBook for the workshop that walks you through step by step on setting up Subversion and Trac. You can download the Managing Software Projects with Subversion and Trac eBook for free."

Introvert or not, thanks for coming, taking part and volunteering to lead a workshop – it takes guts.

Thanks Beau.