6 great takeaways from BoS2011

Lots of blogging going on post Business of Software. We will link to, and run some of the stories, notes and opinions over the next few weeks.

First up, James Young, of EzCoC with his six key takeaways.

"Business of Software 2011
October 24-26
Boston, MA

I just arrived back home in Raleigh after attending this year’s Business of Software (#BoS2011) conference in Boston, MA.  Like last year’s event, it was really good, with an impressive lineup of speakers.  If someone asked me “Well, what did you really learn there?” I would say that the following are the basic (condensed) principals and recurring themes that I learned over the last 3 days:"

Nicely summarized this:

  • Creativity
  • Honesty
  • Test and Tweak, Always
  • #JFDI
  • Don’t Sell (Your Dream) Out
  • Ask

Read the full blog post here: Business of Software 2011 Overview: James Young, of EzCoC 

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