Help with workshop registration for BoS2011 Workshops

Here are some instructions to help you register for the event workshops. I am sorry there are a few clicks involved. We will not be using the same registration software (RegOnline) next year.

BoS Confirmation

From your confirmation email, ‘Click here’ to review your detailed event record. If you don't have a confirmation email handy, go direct to the site and you will be asked for an email and password. 

BoS Change Registration

When you are logged in, click, ‘Change your registration.’

BoS Change Registration

Then click, ‘Event Fees.’ (Don’t worry, the fees are set at zero). Workshops are a part of the conference, the event management software just doesn’t understand…).

BoS Event Fees

Choose one workshop on the Monday, and one workshop on the Wednesday (or leave the session blank if you don’t want/can’t attend a session.

BoS Choose

Click ‘Continue’ Will ask you to click continue to save.

Click ‘Continue’ Fees will be $0. Click Finish.

 BoS Done

You are now done. Sorry it was not simple. You will now receive a confirmation email.