Seth Godin and the gorillas

The good news: Seth Godin – marketing guru, tribal leader and possibly the best speaker I’ve ever heard – is coming to London.

The bad news: all the tickets are sold out

The good news: I have a spare ticket

The best news: Mark of Evil Genius Media, the organizers, has given me permission to auction it off for charity. Thanks Mark!

So, if you can make it to London for the 17th February, want to spend 3 hours in Seth’s company, and want to put in an offer, then send me a bid on Twitter (I’m @neildavidson) and tag it with #sethinlondon

Here are the rules:

  • Bids close at 12 noon on Friday 13th February
  • All bids must be to me via twitter, and tagged with #sethinlondon
  • All proceeds will go Great Gorillas, a charity working to save the world’s remaining gorillas from extinction
  • Open to all, apart from Red Gate employees
  • Your name will go on the ticket. You won’t be able to sell it on / give it to anybody else

Bid away!