Headaches Happen Here

Rick Chapman’s "In Search of Stupidity" points out that one reason for Microsoft’s success is that they kept their marbles while all others around them were losing theirs. They simply didn’t screw up, and that inexorably led to their success while others self-imploded.

Now, however, they are working hard to be included in the next edition of Rick’s book. They made a good start with the Windows Vista launch and are now cementing their claim to inclusion with SQL Server 2008. Holding the launch party some six months before shipping the software is, presumably, only the start. Expect an inability to clearly articulate good reasons to upgrade, a bewildering array of product versions, and then a mishandling of the media to follow.

On a related note, Phil Factor’s writes on "Microsoft Boy announces his school homework" over on SImple-Talk, and Steve Jones feels "burned, betrayed and disgusted" on SQL Server Central.

Come on Microsoft, pull it together. You’re a great company, full of great people, writing great software. What are you up to? Shipping late is awkward, but this is embarrassing.