Now it’s time to get focused on the future.

We’ve designed BoS Workshops to help you focus on applying the things you know and the things you learned back into your business.


Half Day Workshops - Wednesday 18th September 2019

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After 2.5 days of being bombarded by ideas, it’s time to step back and take stock.

Optional, informal, interactive and fun. BoS workshops will help you prioritize and focus in order to maximize the value of your investment in attending Business of Software Conference.

Workshops are highly interactive, draw on the content of the conference and help you make sense of how your learning may be applied in your own organization. You will leave with an actionable ‘to do’ list of things to apply in your own company.

Read on to find out more about the Workshops, and to book your ticket.

Claire Lew

The Feedback Loop: How To Create A Culture Of Feedback – Claire Lew

Claire Lew is the CEO of Know Your Team, a software tool that helps thousands of managers across 25 countries to be better leaders. Over years of research across hundreds of companies, Claire has learned how the most effective managers create a culture of feedback within their teams – and she’ll share how she used customer feedback to identify a larger market for her product to serve.

You’ll learn: how to give, receiving, ask for, and act on feedback effectively, and create a culture of feedback in your team.

More Workshops to be announced soon

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