From Lean Startup to Long Term Value — Fall 2021

Lean Startup Long Term Value Eric Ries
Eric Ries, LTSE

Eric Ries, Founder & CEO, Long Term Stock Exchange

At BoS Conference Online Fall 2021, Eric will discuss his journey from tech CTO and startup founder to the creation of the Long Term Stock Exchange.

That journey included a significant diversion as management thinker and main protagonist of the Lean Startup.

Today Eric Ries is CEO of the LTSE, a national securities exchange created for companies across industries with a long term vision that includes inclusive and sustainable business practices.

He will explain why he felt the LTSE was necessary and how he has built and launched a business in a highly regulated and established market.

How can such an approach benefit entrepreneurs, employees, investors and a broader set of stakeholders across society?

About Eric Ries

Eric is a computer scientist, CTO, entrepreneur and author of The Lean Startup. The Lean Startup methodology has been adopted by countless startups and companies across the world. The term, ‘pivot’, a key concept, entered mainstream culture.

The Lean Startup was also the inspiration behind LTSE.

Eric founded the LTSE in 2012 in order to offer a route to capital for companies that prioritize the well-being of customers, employees and others stakeholders that encourage and sustain innovation.

He spoke at Business of Software Conference before he’d even written his first book.