Workshop: Dave Collins

Founder, Software Promotions

Dave is the founder of Software Promotions, and has been helping businesses to get more visitors from Google since 1997. In that time Dave has worked with over 500 clients in 47 different countries, many of who rely entirely on web traffic for their revenues.

Website Dissection

In this workshop Dave Collins will help you focus on making your own website do the job you need it to do.
You work hard to bring in targeted traffic to your website, but then probably lose more than half of them immediately. Is your website telling your story as well as it should? Is it communicating what you do in the right way? Are you giving yourself the best chance of converting inbound traffic to achieving your goal?
Dave won’t pull his punches. He will ask all participants challenging questions starting from the first question, what is your goal? Dave will spend time dissecting your website, starting from the home page, to offer you insights and advice to help you build it back up with purpose and meaning.

In previous workshops and indeed BoS talks, Dave’s insights have had a huge impact.

“Dave’s short teardown of our website was filled with valuable insight and concrete and actionable items. We implemented all the changes Dave suggested and revenue increased 300% overnight.” Anders Thue Pedersen, CEO & Founder