Whitney O’Banner

Software Engineering Manager, Medium

Whitney graduated in Computer Science from Spelman CollegeĀ and worked at Apple, Amazon, Visa, and Braintree before taking her current role at Medium.

As a new generation of leader and one of the few women of colour managing engineers and designers at payments technology company Braintree, she made a diligent study of innovative leadership methods. Whitney also enjoys actively investing in tiny house communities, building software systems that power short-term vacation rentals. She now works remotely, spending time in Chicago (summer) and Austin (winter), a better option than the other way round.

Bottoms Up with OKRs

In 2013, Google famously published a leading reference for establishing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as a way to align teams and set short-term goals. While some of the information is still relevant, it’s time to refresh your approach to setting OKRs within your teams. This talk will help leaders abandon the dated, flawed approach to setting OKRs and enable organizational alignment in an exciting new way, suitable for 2019 and beyond. Whitney will also share some of her recent experiences at Medium where she has been charged with making remote work succeed in a company that has traditionally been centrally located.