Wed Workshop: Patrick Campbell

CEO & Founder, ProfitWell

Patrick Campbell is the CEO of ProfitWell (formerly Price Intelligently), the software for helping subscription companies with their monetization and retention strategies.

ProfitWell also provides free turnkey subscription financial metrics for over eight thousand companies. Prior to ProfitWell, Patrick lead Strategic Initiatives for Boston based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community.

Monetization & Pricing Workshop

Learn how to get your monetization right for hyper-growth. Through his history working on the pricing for companies like Atlassian, Autodesk, New Relic, and thousands more, Patrick has seen inside more SaaS and subscription companies from a financial perspective than anyone else on the planet. Together you’ll work through the pricing framework he’s used and taught to customers that has created, and continues to create, billions of dollars in revenue for these businesses. The ultimate goal: Learn and build a framework for getting your pricing strategy right and primed for growth.

You’ll learn: 

  • What mistakes you’re likely making and how to exploit them
  • How to quantify your buyer personas
  • How to set up a testing framework to collect the right price elasticity and feature data from your customers to guide your pricing strategy
  • How to utilize your buyer personas and customer data for an optimal pricing strategy
  • How to implement a value-based pricing process into your business
  • How to compound your SaaS revenue growth through a value metric