Thompson Aderinkomi

CEO & Founder, Nice Healthcare

Thompson Aderinkomi is co-founder and CEO of Nice Healthcare. Healthcare is not nice so Thompson set out to change that.

Nice is a direct primary care practice that delivers all care in the comfort of the patient’s home. Thompson is also co-founder and CEO of Relate, an intelligent platform that helps people be better versions of themselves. Previously, in 2009, he co-founded Evidity, a healthcare data analytics firm serving the physician market. He also co-founded RetraceHealth in 2013, a direct primary care medical practice that went on to raise over $7 million.

Busting Some Myths about Building a Company.

We need to work like crazy! On the way to success most founders sacrificed time with their family. You need to do whatever it is takes to get your first reference customers in enterprise software! Don’t quit your day job too early! Work with value add VCs that provide capital and strategic advice.

The narrative is antiquated and false, if success does not include how you treated your loved ones on the way to your destination you did not succeed, you failed. And not every founder lives this narrative. Don’t believe the hype! Thompson will share why he has come to understand that so many of the things people know to be true about growing a successful business are simply not true. His experiences as a serial entrepreneur have taught him to question the orthodoxy and why deciding on the right course is down to you. He will leave you with an understanding of how you can ask the right questions.