Teresa Torres

Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk

Teresa Torres is a product discovery coach who helps teams gain valuable insights from their customer interviews, run effective product experiments, and drive product outcomes that create value for their customers and their businesses.

She teaches teams how to connect the dots between their research activities and their product decisions, inspiring confidence that they are on the right track. Recent clients include Allstate, CarMax, Snagajob, and Spotify. She writes about continuous discovery best practices at ProductTalk.org.

Shifting From Managing By Outputs To Managing By Outcomes

If you are like most leaders, you got to where you are because you are good at making decisions. You can quickly go from strategy to execution. You know exactly what should be done next. But for most of us, this strength can become a weakness. When we make all the output decisions (e.g. what to build, what programs to roll out, how a process should work), our company’s solutions are only as good as we are. To avoid this trap, instead of telling our teams what to do, we need to tell them what outcomes we expect them to drive. It’s a subtle, but powerful shift. In this talk, Teresa will explore how your role changes when you manage by outcomes.