Sunish Gupta

CEO & Founder, EasyAlliance & Northeastern University

Sunish Gupta is an Accessibility professional delivering his expertise to academia and industry. He applies novel and proven approaches to integrate accessibility into software design and development.

He has more than 20 years of direct industry experience in R&D and marketing. He directed the development of the world’s first portable reading machine for the blind in collaboration with Ray Kurzweil. He currently teaches a graduate course, Accessibility, Inclusiveness and HCI to Computer Science at Northeastern University. He advises assistive technology projects at MIT, UN and other global institutions. He holds a Masters in Systems Design and Management from MIT Sloan School of Management. and a Masters in Computer engineering from the University of Central Florida. He holds an BS in Physics an Bachelor of Education from NCERT (India). An attendee at Business of Software for many years, his secret superpower is that he can walk through any room blindfold.

Accessibility – Busting the Myths

Sunish will share some of the numerous myths about accessibility and show why accessibility is an excellent business growth opportunity rather than an inevitable legal compliance risk. You will learn how to achieve a competitive edge by offering an inclusive user experience. Sunish has simplified the rocket science behind accessible technologies so you don’t have to.

Sunish will also be running a half day workshop on the final afternoon of the conference.