Rick Nucci

CEO & Co-Founder, Guru

Rick is co-founder and CEO at Guru. Rick brings twenty years of experience in creating category-leading software solutions and companies.

Prior to Guru, Rick was the founder and chief technology officer of Boomi, which defined and led a new segment as the first-ever cloud integration platform-as-a-service. Boomi was acquired by Dell in 2010, where Rick went on to run the Boomi business for Dell as its general manager, helping grow the organization into the industry leader it is today. Rick frequently speaks at industry events about startups, SaaS and cloud computing. Rick holds a Bachelor of Science in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management from Penn State University.

AI, Hype and the Future of Humanity

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most hyped ideas in the software industry today and every self-respecting startup claims to have AI at its core. Trouble is, very few people even understand what AI is or what it could do for the world while the press jumps on AI’s potential to destroy jobs across all industries. Rick will help you understand what is really important in AI and explain why its value will be in making people better at what they do rather than replacing them. He has come to realize that however clever your code, focusing first on people – customers and employees – is the most important ingredient in a successful business.