Matt Wensing

Founder, SimSaaS

Matt is the founder of SimSaaS, a new SaaS that helps teams upgrade gut feelings to forward-looking metrics for the purpose of answering the elusive question – can you predict success?

He left his first good job to start a company and never looked back. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and their four living startups.

How Predicting the Weather Led to a Better Way of Forecasting the Success and Failures of Software Companies.

Matt Wensing was the founding CEO of Riskpulse, a startup that predicts weather-based exceptions for the transportation and logistics teams of F1000 manufacturers. To get this vertical SaaS business off the ground, Matt tested everything—from selling ads to freemium to inside sales and enterprise sales, first bootstrapping then raising funds from angels and VCs. Over time, he realized that weather forecasting and the challenge of predicting the growth of early-stage companies have a surprising amount in common; both are complex systems where small changes in input can have big effects on outcomes.

Three years ago he began playing with this idea, then became a bit obsessed… How can startups test the underlying physics of their business model, and how could these findings lead to innovations in early-stage startup financing?