Brian Dosal

Co-Founder, BrightGauge

Brian cofounded BrightGauge Software in 2010 stemming from the personal need to consolidate data from multiple datasources in his IT Services business.

In the years since launching, he focused deeply on how small businesses use their data to help grow their businesses and how BrightGauge could be the catalyst for that growth. Before BrightGauge, Brian built the sales and marketing engine of Compuquip’s Managed IT Services division, which he and his brother sold to Konica Minolta’s All Covered Division in 2012. He sold the business to Continuum Managed Services in 2019 after listening to Peldi’s talk at last year’s BoS Conference. He is now taking long holidays and working on his new startup, Strety.

How and when to FINISH BIG

Eric (the money guy) & Brian (the product guy) Dosal will share their experience in starting, scaling and ultimately selling BrightGauge, their self-funded, 35 employee, SaaS business earlier this year. They’ll share an honest and open account of why they decided to sell while it was still experiencing rapid (50% year one year) growth and very profitable.

They will share the lessons learned in starting a company in San Francisco and then moving it back to their hometown, Miami, FL and the reasons why they took the decision to to sell the company. They were not VC funded and had no pressure to sell. Even with a great culture, great team, great everything, it still could be a great idea to sell. AFTER selling, there are still things to do but it’s OK to take a break and/or start a new project.

You’ll leave with lessons they learned in how/why to finish big and leave on top.