Andy Ellis

CSO, Akamai

Andy Ellis is Akamai’s Chief Security Officer, and his mission is, “making the Internet suck less.”

Governing cybersecurity, compliance, and safety for Akamai’s planetary-scale cloud platform since 2000, he has also designed and brought to market Akamai’s TLS acceleration network, its DDoS defense offerings, and several of the core technologies behind its security solutions. Andy has also guided Akamai’s IT transformation from a flat password-based network to a distributed, zero-trust enterprise based on strong authentication. Andy is a graduate of MIT with a degree in computer science, and has served as an officer in the United States Air Force with the 609th Information Warfare Squadron and the Electronic Systems Center. He can be found on Twitter as @csoandy, where he discusses security, wine, American football, and hairstyling.

Humans are Horrible at Risk Management. Humans are Awesome at Risk Management.

Humans are horrible at risk management! Have you seen the news about Florida Man? How are we even still around? And yet, we are still around. In fact, humans are awesome at risk management; we’re now the dominant species on the planet. Why? How? Andy will share his thoughts on why humanity has significant advantages in making rapid, generally correct risk choices. You will learn how risk choices that appear unreasonable from the outside may not be; to identify the hidden factors in someone’s risk choice that most influence it; find out how to help guide people to risk choices that you find more favorable.