Running Agile Sales Teams


If you can manage the complicated process of building software using agile methods, you can make it work to improve your sales process relatively simply.

For technical founders and software developers in general, building out the sales aspects of your business can seem like a big scary foreign mystery. Drawing on his 20 years of experience as a coder, entrepreneur and now sales leader running a team of 65 sales people at Stack Exchange, Jeff share his experiences of what happens when you think about and manage sales like you would a great development team.

In this workshop, Jeff will describe some of the techniques he employs to manage software development efforts, that can be applied to sales for a more direct and bigger impact on the revenue and profitability of your company, as well as considering how these ideas can be implemented in your own business. In the process, he will help show the way to demystifying the process of managing the sales team in your company leaving you with some ideas to make sales a more efficient part of your business process.