Reviewing Your Business Model – A BoS Hangout

A Business of Software Hangout with Alex Osterwalder & Tendayi Viki (Strategyzer)

16th December, 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT

“What got you here won’t get you there” – it’s a frustrating truth, and in 2020 it’s perhaps more true than ever.

Your business model shouldn’t be a concrete, unchanging document. Circumstances change and the market evolves, and so should your business model. But finding opportunities for innovation can be tricky – how do you make intelligent decisions about developing new revenue streams for your business?

Join us for an interactive online Q&A on 16th December with Alex Osterwalder (Founder) and Tendayi Viki (Partner) from Strategyzer about innovating and reviewing business models. Following on from their talk at Business of Software Conference USA Online 2020, Alex and Tendayi will be discussing how to evaluate your existing business model and how to find opportunities for innovation within it.

This hangout will be hosted as a Zoom Meeting. This means all attendees appear on screen, and anyone can ask their own questions directly to Alex and Tendayi.

Alex and Tendayi have spoken several times at BoS Conference on this topic:

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