BoS in numbers:

2018 will be the 12th Business of Software Conference USA.

Our Net Promoter Score in 2016 was 88.

Capacity is capped at 400 to offer attendees the best possible experience – intimate, friendly, effective networking – with like-minded people.


Some of the things we get asked most.

A single-track conference for humans.

Why should I care?

We’re a friendly conference for independent thinking software people who want to be part of very successful software businesses.

  • If you want to learn how some of the world’s most admired software companies operate; if you want to meet smart, like-minded people to talk about the challenges of building and selling software; if you want to build relationships with other people who know that there are no tricks, no shortcuts, no short-term hacks that will help you succeed in the long term, you will feel at home.
  • If you want to go to a conference to learn the latest growth hack scams, pitch your product, bag some funding and cash out in six months, it is not for you. That’s not us.

We find people come for the content, designed to help you understand all of the moving parts of a software business better. We deliver a little bit of inspiration, practical, actionable advice and ideas that can be applied to help you make better software the day you get back to the office. People keep coming back for the community and practical support they find.

What are the keynote talks about?

TL;DR Talks are designed to help you build better software, sell more software and grow more successful businesses.

Topics range from spotting and capitalizing on emerging trends, product strategy & management, leadership development, personal growth, attracting and retaining the best talent, management trends, finance, launching new products, marketing, sales, culture, effective communication and making plans that stick. Everything that goes into great software except code and venture funding.

Show me the schedule from 2017

Who’s talking this year?

The speakers will be announced in the new year. You might be asking the wrong question though. Trust us to do a lot of work to find people who can present well, tell a great story and leave you with at least one thing that you can put into action.

If you’re interested though, you can see a list of speakers from previous years at BoS and their talks here. Some are well-known, such as Seth Godin (who has over 600k Twitter followers on a Twitter account he doesn’t use!), and some are people we hope you won’t have heard of, but we know you will remember for the impact their talks will have on you.

What questions can Business of Software Conference help me answer?

Here are a few questions we aimed to help people with at our 2017 conference:

All the talks from 2017 will be available here once they have been released. Check back to see if we answered your question.

What are the workshops for?

  • For a change of pace after some very intensive days, it’s time to step back and prioritize.
  • They’re all designed to be fun but they are also designed to help you focus on how you take what you have learned back to your teams and your places of work.
  • They help maximize the value of your investment in attending Business of Software Conference.
  • Workshops are an optional extra.

Why is it single stream?

  • We run it as a single stream event because this means everyone is exposed to the same content.
  • It helps stimulate discussions and networking.
  • The talks are carefully curated to ensure that they are relevant to all.

Every year attendees report they almost didn’t go to one talk because it didn’t seem that interesting or they thought they would sit at the back and do emails. It was the talk that had the biggest impact on them.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. We want everyone to feel welcomed and included.

We look after our guests, meals are provided, from breakfast all the way through the day, (except on day two where guests self organize dinners in small groups), this encourages conversation. We do not believe late night parties, pub crawls, discos are appropriate activities for inclusive business events. We do not organize them.

Whatever we say, it is always best to listen to the people that come…


How can we help you? What else would you like to know?

Click the little blue speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Tell us about yourself or the challenge you have today. We will try to answer or better still, put you in touch with someone who has been before that we think could help – yup, this conference is that personal.

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