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“Hands-down the best conference for Software CEOsGail Goodman, Former CEO , Constant Contact

BoS Europe In-Person 2023

27-28 March | Cambridge, UK

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  • What is happening in M&A in 2022 and beyond? Interesting conversation with Christopher Moore at Quiet Light Advisors on the state of the economy and how it has affected acquisition activity for SaaS […]
  • I was an avid traveler, lived on the road and full time RV’d with my family – building our business, schooling kids, & living as cheaply as possible. Full stop March 2020. I’ve […]
  • This was my second time attending the BoS conference in-person, and I learned that’s a common denominator of the event. Bob Moesta told me, “you don’t ask ‘have you ever been to BoS’. […]

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