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“Hands-down the best conference for Software CEOsGail Goodman, Former CEO , Constant Contact

BoS USA In-Person 2022

26-28 Sept | Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA

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Business of Software Conferences 2022

This year you can expect eight great conferences full of insight, intrigue, and intelligent individuals - just like you!

We have launched this years program of events including TWO in-person conferences and SIX online conferences. Full details can be found over on our events page or click here to


  • Business of Software Conference USA 26-28 Sep, Boston, MA The brightest software entrepreneurs from across the world will be meeting online to meet with their peers, discuss the big issues around running a […]
  • Lemmy is back in Boston, MA 26-28 September for Business of Software USA Since 2018, Lemmy the lobster has been the official mascot for BoS Conf USA. During the pandemic they stayed in […]
  • Energy. Bringing the right energy to your team is important. Positive energy breeds positive results. Equally, negative energy leads to disengagement, burnout, lack of focus and aimlessness. You’ve experienced both right? Elizabeth O’Neill shares a brand […]

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