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Web banner Gareth MArlow Prioritising strategic decisons october 2020

Prioritising & making informed strategic decisions Masterclass // 2 & 9 October 2020

Gareth Marlow looks at how to manage and prioritise the big strategic challenges you face in your business today

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 Steve Portgal User Research October 2020

Uncovering compelling insights through interviews User Research Masterclass // 6 & 8 October 2020 

Steve Portigal teaches you how to ask your customers the right questions to uncover what they really want in your product.

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Web banner Steve Portgal What Now October 2020

We’ve done all this user research, now what? User Research Masterclass // 13 & 15 October 2020

Learn how to connect the dots between your research and your development objectives with Steve Portigal

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Web Alison Coward designing and run better remote meetings masterclass october 2020

Designing & running better remote meetings // 20 & 22 October 2020

Learn how you can design and run meetings that make your team work better together, whether in person or remotely with Alison Coward

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Web Bruce McCarthy Product Roadmapping Masterclass october 2020

Learn how to build a product roadmap that works for you and how you can relaunch roadmapping in your organisation.

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BoS Conference Online // 22-23 March 2021

Save the dates for the 3rd Business of Software Online Conference.

More details coming soon.

Upcoming Events

Online Masterclasses BoS USA Online 2020

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Chris Savage, CEO, Wistia

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João Vieira, SIACON

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