Do engineers mean to kill people?

Brilliant technology with bad design can kill people at worst. Not a great outcome. There are plenty of less extreme examples of bad design in software that have resulted in injuries, the destruction of one of the world’s greatest cathedrals, through to frustrated users who often end up not using the software you take so much care to build.

Is your product as easy to use as you think? In this new BoS talk, Scott Berkun tells great stories and offers practical steps to design your products better. He discusses why we’re responsible for the products we put into the world and the importance of making design an integral, iterative part of building products. He shares the four fundamental questions of design you should ask whenever you building products. Check out the latest video from the BoS Library.

We build products every day; how many of them are easy to use?

We make assumptions as to how simple a task is to complete, but we don’t think about other people’s point of view. What if they didn’t understand the instructions? What happens when someone doesn’t know where to click? What if they don’t know the meaning of a word? We need to think about the user’s journey. How will they use our product? Do they need to know anything before using it? What do they need to know after using it?

In this new talk, Scott Berkun tells entertaining stories that demonstrate the importance and value of design and how you can go about embedding design into your products.

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