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Regular BoS Newsletter readers will be familiar with our “Curated Content” section. Every week we collate the most interesting stories from the SaaS world and send them to out in our Newsletter.

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Here are 10 of the most interesting stories we’ve sent out to our community this month.

1 – 💰 The biggest European VC fund raises of 2020
Which European VC firms raised the biggest funds last year? // 4 min read

2 – ⚰️ Adobe Flash Player is finally laid to rest
The Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in, that brought rich animations and interactivity to the early web, has officially reached the end of its life.  // 3 min read

3 – 👌 OneSecondEveryday. 1 in the App Store as an independent business.
Congratulations to BoS Alumni Cesar, Schoneck and team. // 1 min read

4 – 🇪🇺 81,000 ‘.eu’ domains, including ours, suspended post Brexit
We thought we had done what we needed to do but…  // 3 min read

5 – 👨‍🏫 Ben Evans on the macro changes in European tech.
Always worth listening to Ben – or at least looking through his decks.  // 10 minute read

6 – 📲 Does this Signal the end of Whatsapp?
Signal tops download charts all over the world. // 2 min read

7 – 🥊 The Great Grift
No punches pulled take on the US economic response to the pandemic from Prof Galloway. // 8 minute read

8 – 🦜 Stochastic Parrots, the problem with large datasets.
As AI sparks an arms race of increasingly large datasets, MIT Tech Review considers the downsides. // 6 minute read

9 – 👨‍💼 Freshbooks Founder and CEO Mike McDerment moves to Chair of the Board
16 years after founding FreshBooks, BoS speaker, Mike appoints CEO. Overnight success takes a long time. // 3 minute read

10 – ₿ The Bit Short: Inside Crypto’s Doomsday Machine
I don’t understand Bitcoin but found this fascinating. Curious to understand the holes in the argument. // 18 minute read

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