Bob Moesta demand-side sales

Bob Moesta demand-side sales

Three short clips to whet your appetite for BoS Conference Online

Bob Moesta on demand-side sales and jobs-to-be-done.

Bob Moesta: Breaker of things. Fixer of things. Builder of things.

Why talk about demand-side sales at BoS Conference Online?

“Why are there no sales professors? There’s lots of practices but really no underlying theory. I’ve taken Jobs-to-be-done theory and flipped it so that instead of taking it to innovation, I’m taking it to sales.”

What are you trying to solve?

“[To help people understand] how can the forces of progress and the timeline help people understand how people buy so we can sell better. How can you rethink the sales process from the buying perspective and the customer perspective?”

Bob Moesta: three speakers he’s most excited about hearing from at BoS Conference

What job does Business of Software Conference do for you? Which three speakers are you most excited to catch up with?

“I use Business of Software to prototype some of the things I am thinking about. It’s a kind forum. [I get] very brutal and direct feedback.”

“It’s small and it’s special.”

“April Dunford – she’s amazing! Alex [Osterwalder], Jason Fried, DHH, In some cases, they are almost on their own planet in terms of how they are thinking about things… It’s going to be a great conference”

Bob Moesta on BoS Conference

You’ve said Business of Software Conference is very special? Were you just being nice?

“Always one of those places where the camaraderie is just so incredible. I’m excited to be part of it again and at the same time, I just love to come and be a participant as well.”

Bob Moesta on thinking about online learning and camera setup

“I want people to feel they are in the same room as me.”

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