Scaling SaaS Marketing | Hangout with Andrus Purde

The First BoS Hangout of 2018 was with Andrus Purde, founder of Outfunnel and ex-Head of Marketing at Pipedrive.

As Head of Marketing, Andrus Purde saw Pipedrive grow from a small startup to over 50,000 customers. Hear his insight in running a marketing team through that transition in this very interesting Q&A.

Andrus talks about the 4 phases a SaaS Marketing Team goes through as it grows, and answers questions about channels, KPIs, onboarding, hiring and lots more. He also gave his thoughts on what’s good and bad in marketing automation, and why he’s building Outfunnel.


The BoS Hangouts will return on 31st January where Mark will be joined by Jason Eckenroth.

Jason founded ShipCompliant, which he recently sold. He gave a fantastic talk at BoS Europe 2017 about selling the company, which you can watch here.

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