While Business of Software USA 2018 is being planned, here’s what last year looked like.

2017 Schedule

Business of Software 2017 ran from 18-20th September 2017. Here is what happened at #BoS2017.

Business of Software Conference is a single-track conference, every speaker, in the words of Joel Spolsky, would be, “a headline keynote at most other conferences”.

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Day Zero – Sunday 17th September

Drinks and Welcome Reception began at 7PM

  • Afternoon Photowalk
  • Registration
  • Grab a bite at the Evening Welcome Drinks and Buffet Reception.  (All included in ticket price)

Day One – Monday 18th September

07.30 Full Hot Buffet and Sit-down breakfast at the conference venue.

09:00 Jason Cohen. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

  • Managing company metrics are important. Managing your mind trumps everything.

10.00 Break

10.30 Seth Godin. Lessons Learned in 33 Years in the Software Industry

  • When new marketing meets software, there are new winners and losers… You have a choice to be either.

11.30 Seth Godin. Problem Solving Workshop

  • Workshopping with the world’s leading marketing expert. You submit questions in advance. We’re selecting the best and preparing for a high energy, high value workshop session.

12.30 Lunch and Birds of a Feather Conversation Tables

  • Pick a table with a topic you want to talk about or listen in. Alternatively, let serendipity take its course.

14.00 Natalie Nagele. Keeping the Fun in Your Business Life

  • Making money, profits, great products and a great work culture are not mutually exclusive goals if the company exists for the people that build it.

15.00 Chris Savage. Growing and Scaling Without the Hassle of the Hustle

  • How leadership and management has to change as you scale beyond 100 people and some smart ideas about making customers work for you.

15.55 Break

16.15 Breakout Workshops

  • Fast paced and interactive, this session is designed to help you solve the biggest single challenge you face in your career at this point. Attendees will come prepared for an unconference-style session with a difference.

17.15 Sherry Walling. How to Stay at the Top of your Game Without Burning Out or Becoming Boring

  • Ever wondered how you and your team could get more done…?

18.00 Mark Littlewood. Day One Round Up

18.15 Monday Night Buffet Dinner & Drinks at Rosa Mexicano.

  • (Included in Ticket). Right next to the venue. We went there for guacamole last year & fell in love. You will too.

Day Two – Tuesday 19th September

08.00 Full Hot Buffet and Sit-down breakfast at the conference venue.

09.00 Scott Berkun. The Dance of the Possible.

  • An irreverent and mostly honest way to improve how you work with ideas.

10.00 Break

10.30 Bridget Harris. Hiring the Best Talent.

  • Some simple steps, some difficult steps, to ensure you hire the best possible talent in your organization.

11.30 David Barrett, Product Driven Growth.

  • Why your focus on product is far more important than sales and marketing driven growth.

12.30 Lunch and Birds of a Feather Conversation Tables

  • Pick a table with a topic you want to talk about or listen in. Alternatively, let serendipity take its course.

14.00 Paul Kenny. Turning Software Into Money.

  • Selling software successfully and some ideas to focus your mind when you return to base.

15.00 Lightning Talks

  • Crack-a-Lack. Flash.

15.30 Break

16.00 Mike McDerment. How Freshbook’s Fear of Competition Saved the Company

  • Every software companies worries about its codebase, usually until it’s too late. Mike took a very risky and unusual approach to solving the problem.

17.00 Joanna Wiebe. Old School Copywriting for New Businesses.

  • Anyone that has seen Mad Men knows, killer copy is the art of persuasion. Don’t worry if you’re not in marketing, the same skills apply to anyone that needs to get their points across effectively.

17.55 Mark Littlewood. Day Two Round Up

18.00 Self-Propelled Networking Dinners.

  • A complicated way of saying we’ll share some of our favorite dinner locations close by and you get to hang with the people you’ve met. We will always be happy to find a group of people if you are feeling lonely.

Day Three – Wednesday 20th September

08.00 Full Hot Buffet and Sit-down breakfast at the conference venue.

09:00 Rita Gunther McGrath & Mike Sikorsky – Alarming the Enterprise: Software-driven inflection points

  • It’s one thing spotting the next thing. It’s quite another getting your organization to take advantage.

10.00 Break

10.30 Josh Seiden. Sense and Respond: Principles for the Next Century Of Work

  • Rethinking management practices to be fit for the 21st Century.

11.30 Anil Dash. On Evolving a Mature Software Company

  • What does putting impact and sustainability, both of business model and company culture, at the heart of your vision for the future mean in practice?

12.30 Mark Littlewood. Final Words.

12.30 Lunch to Go or Stay for Afternoon Workshops

13.00 Afternoon Workshops

  • Informal, interactive workshops designed to help put ideas into actions
  • Workshops Close No Later than 16.00.


I need to go next year!