I Have a Face for Radio and a Voice for Silent Movies

It is a good job someone in the family has communication skills…

This is Violet being interviewed last week at Business of Software Conference Europe in Ireland by the rather wonderful Bill Thompson and Gareth Mitchell from the BBC’s Click programme. The producer, Ania Lichtarowicz is holding the mic and set everything up.

You can listen to her here and the final programme here. It features some people that are well known to regular BoS Conference attendees – Betsy Weber (Techsmith), Clarke Ching (Royal London), Iris Lapinski (Apps for Good), Joan Mulvihill (Irish Internet Association) and John McEvoy (Irish Men’s Sheds Association).

Big thanks to the team for coming over and finding such an interesting group of people to speak to.

Original podcast here but only available for 30 days.

Programme broadcast on World Service here.

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One response to “I Have a Face for Radio and a Voice for Silent Movies”

  1. That is so awesome, Mark. You and Jo should be very proud!