Developers, Entrepreneurs & Depression | Greg Baugues | BoS USA 2013

You Are Not Alone.

Mental Health. Lots of people say we need to talk about it, destigmatise it, be aware and sensitive to it in the workplace. Talking about it is hard. If you, or someone close to you, is feeling that life is hard, this is a good place to come to realise that you are not alone.

It is the only talk in the history of Business of Software Conference that has ever had a standing ovation. It was well deserved.

No matter how you feel, this talk is worth a watch. Funny, personal, passionate and insightful. We are indebted to Greg for sharing his story.


Video Below

Greg applied for a Lightning Talk slot to talk about depression and developers. Depression is a topic that many of us have struggled with over the years and we have always thought that there might be more people out there that did than, ‘just us’. We have been looking for someone who could do this subject justice for years and we asked Greg to do a half hour talk instead. Please watch it. If it doesn’t affect you directly, it is almost inconceivable that it doesn’t affect someone close to you.

Over the years, Seth Godin, Geoffrey Moore, Jennifer Aaker, Clayton Christensen, Kathy Sierra and other extraordinary people have taken the stage at BoS. Greg is the first speaker to ever get a standing ovation. Well deserved. This talk is heroic, funny, sad, dark, uplifting, brave, thoughtful, intelligent, inspiring and helpful talk confronting and explaining some of the stigma around mental illness we could ever put in front of the software community. As a result of this talk, a number of very high profile, role models in our community have been given the strength to share their experiences.

It’s not a ‘movement’ yet, but when people you would have NO IDEA about, come up to you and say, ‘Thank you. I need to let people know I suffer from X too’, you can’t help but hope we can do something together to get people talking about it. We need to talk about this. You can’t manage a secret.

For more information and help:

Look after yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help, look out for your friends and colleagues.



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