Online discussion – join Mikey Trafton, CEO, Fire Ant Software, September 5th, 11.00 EST

Join Mikey Trafton, CEO of Fire Ant Software to hear why culture matters in business and some great tips for ensuring the people you hire will support the culture you want to create and sustain.

  • Got questions about Mikey’s blog on hiring for cultural fit and what culture means for your business?
  • Got some interview tips you want to share?
  • Want to know what Mikey is going to talk about at Business of Software – or make some suggestions for topics you would like see covered?

The video stream will be here from 11.00 am EST.

This conversation will be broadcast live at 11.00 EST on Wednesday 5th September, from this blog post via YouTube and we will take your questions live on air. Join us, here, live, on September 5th. Follow us on Twitter at @BoSConference for details and more updates.

Interview to be streamed from this post live.

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One response to “Online discussion – join Mikey Trafton, CEO, Fire Ant Software, September 5th, 11.00 EST”

  1. blake says:

    Hi There – I am looking for software/online platforms that help b2b to connect, grow sales, buy and sell from each other. Do you know of anything out there. Thank you!