This Band Goes to 11 – BOS2012 Call for Musicians

Guest post by Jeff Gibson, Intercept Solutions.

My history with the Business of Software conference goes back to 2009, when it was held out in San Francisco. I’ve been coming ever since. The first two years were relatively quiet. I got to meet some great people. Got to hear some amazing speakers and learn a lot of new information on the best way to start software companies.

As I was getting ready to register for the conference last year, I caught a tweet mentioning that Mark wanted to put a band together to play at the conference. Now mind you, not only have I been developing software for 30 years, but I’ve also been a musician since I was in elementary school. So seeing this tweet definitely got my interest up.

I sent an email to Mark telling him that I was a musician and would love be a part of it. In our conversation I brought up the fact that the band I was in had just played a week at Epcot Center in Orlando Florida. Little did I know that by bringing that up, I was about to be the go to guy for the band he wanted to put together. The next thing I knew, I was staring at 14 email addresses belonging to musicians from all around the globe that wanted to participate in the band. I knew things were about to get VERY interesting!

Honestly, the whole thing confirmed my assumption that technology individuals make up some of the best musicians out there!

Needless to say, Mark is on a mission from God, and wants to put the band back together for BOS2012!!

Business of Software 2011 Band – Whiskey Priest, Boston, MA

Business of Software 2011 Band – Whiskey Priest, Boston, MA

So the “Call for Musicians” is out. If you’re coming to the Business of Software Conference 2012 and you play an instrument, sing (or both). Send me an email with your contact info to I would love to talk with you about what we’re doing.

[Mark says: JFDI! Please let Jeff know as soon as possible if you want to take part. The band was brilliant last year though not everyone can make it back. The venue we have selected for the party on Monday night is probably even better suited to an evening of singalong AND quiet networking. There are two distinct and separate spaces so if you want to come and talk quietly with your fellow attendees, you can do so happily even as upstairs in a separate area some of us will be tapping our feet and singing along to some wicked tunes.]

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