Why grit beats talent

Derek Sivers has a great blog post on his fantastic blog illustrating how talent is overrated, and why it’s grit that really counts:

“After 15 years of practice, and about 1000 live shows, I was finally a very good singer, at least by my own standards.


I’m really trying to be a great computer programmer, and so in awe of the people who seem to do it naturally. I’m just such a beginner.

It may take me another 15 years, but I’m determined.”

I used to think that the ability to program was something you were either born with or you weren’t. Now I’m only half sure.

We all love stories of the genius with the god-given gift, and creative people are never more creative than when telling their own stories (Michelangelo destroyed his early work and harangued his first biographer because he mentioned that he once studied under a master, all to perpetuate the myth that he was born perfect), but, as Derek eloquently demonstrates, the truth is often more complicated.

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