Now it’s time to get focused on the future.

We’ve designed BoS Workshops to help you focus on applying the things you know and the things you learned back into your business.


Half Day Workshops 20th September 2017

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After 2.5 days of being bombarded by ideas, it’s time to step back and take stock.

Optional, informal, interactive and fun. BoS workshops will help you prioritize and focus in order to maximize the value of your investment in attending Business of Software Conference.

Half Day Workshop: Where do you go from here? Putting ideas into action.


You’ve just had your head filled with ideas. How do you put them into practice effectively?

Half Day Workshop: Website Dissection


In this workshop Dave Collins will help you focus on making your own website do the job you need it to do.

Half Day Workshop: Design Origami


Design Origami is a 3D version of a journey map that provides a methodology for modelling and understanding complex business interactions, before designing better solutions. The approach is particularly powerful for understanding complex software products.

Half Day Workshop: Roadmapping Relaunched


Roadmaps were once required for any technology-related effort, but in the past decade they’ve become controversial. They shouldn’t be.

Half Day Workshop: Remote Working


We’re tempted to make all the participants in this workshop log in remotely from the hotel room, cafe or mountain top of their choice. Even remote workers appreciate the chance to spend time together though so we’ve got comfy chairs all set up.

Half Day Workshop: 3 Videos every business should make & how to get started


As the world becomes ever more social and mobile orientated, video is becoming a more powerful part in marketer’s tool kits. Ignore it at your peril.