Workshop: Kirsten Butzow

Product Coach, Pragmatic Marketing

Kirsten has 20 years experience of product management and marketing with leading Global 500 companies including Pearson and Fujitsu.

She brings this executive’s perspective to her role as a Pragmatic Marketing instructor. She has 20 years of experience with leading Global 500 technology companies, including Fujitsu, Pearson and Blackboard, in the role of Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, directing product portfolios with revenues of $150 million. As a leader, she has managed diverse product portfolios, created business plans and strategic product roadmaps and implemented many aspects of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. She brings this first-hand experience to the courses she teaches and industry speaking engagements.

Kirsten has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

You’ve just had your head filled with ideas. How do you put them into practice effectively?

From tactical to strategic, from fighting fires to building innovative products, there is no end to the tasks that must be done in creating successful products. But there is an end to the amount of energy and time in our day. Given that, how do we know where to focus to make the biggest impact on our products, our company and ultimately our careers?

In this interactive workshop, Kirsten Butzow, will walk participants through the Pragmatic Marketing Framework and the 37 key activities needed to build and market winning products. She’ll also show you how those same activities can improve a product closer to home: YOURSELF.

After this workshop, you’ll:

  • Have an overview of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework
  • Be able to articulate and prioritize the importance of each activity
  • Have the tools and knowledge required to assess, develop the greatest product you ever built: You.