Paul Kenny

Founder, Ocean Learning

Paul Kenny is one of the few people who have spoken at Business of Software Conference in the USA or Europe in every year since it started. Why?

While the vast majority of our speakers are software entrepreneurs, not consultants, he is consistently rated as being one of the most engaging, challenging and helpful people by our attendees. It is partly because he’s played a significant part in developing some of the bigger ideas and themes we have developed over the years. It is also because he has deliberately developed a one person career as a coach, has too much work to do and so whilst intellectually curious, he isn’t looking for work.

He’s also secretly a software wannapreneur though he’s never going to make the switch from his current career as it would mean less time riding his bike. Paul coaches clients in the field, helping them to identify the best ways to engage the customer and to maximize revenues by applying the appropriate sales approaches. In recent years Paul has focused much of his efforts on helping founders get in touch with their “inner sales-person” he believes that anyone (even founders of Software Companies) can learn to be very effective at sales.

Pet hates include old fashioned sales stereotypes, any form of “sure fire” sales technique the excuses people use for not talking to customers directly.