Michael Sikorsky

CEO & Co-Founder, Robots and Pencils

Michael launched Robots and Pencils in 2009 with the then-contrarian view that mobile would be more transformative than the Internet.

Robots and Pencils has worked with some of the world’s largest brands to help them adopt new technologies successfully. The company has created more than 250 apps used by 77 million worldwide, and has leveraged AI, machine learning, bots and conversational user interfaces to create products that have been previously inconceivable. Michael credits the success of Robots and Pencils to its secret sauce: talent obsession.

Alarming the Enterprise: Software-driven inflection points (With Professor Rita Gunther McGrath)

Rita will introduce her new research on how strategic inflection points offer an opportunity to disrupt existing players using examples like Dollar Shave Club vs. Gillette to show how changes in technology can destabilize existing competitive advantages. Michael Sikorsky will show how companies create entirely new business models to solve perennial problems and drive growth – how can banks use mobile to appeal to millennials and machine learning talk to talk to your mobile?

You will learn how making a bet on a strategic inflection point can drive growth in a software business, and how to sell your vision into the Enterprise. You will also discover why not deeply understanding the user experience is the most significant reason otherwise intelligently designed software fails.