LT: Lianna Patch

Copy Director, SNAP Copy

Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter and comedian whose greatest dream is to make your customers pause, smile, and click (in that order).

Conquer campaigns with her at Punchline Conversion Copywriting, or get quick copy jobs done at SNAP Copy.

Ha-Ha Hacks: Why + How to Use Humor in Your Marketing

RETENTION. *spits* That dirty word again.

You know your suc-SaaS depends on keeping your users around in the long term… but how do you do it?

Knock knock. Who’s there? HUMOR.

I’ll show you why and how you can get started using humor in your marketing — including how to find your brand’s unique sense of humor, where humor works best, and where to skip the joke.

All in 7 minutes (and probably with a lot of GIFs).