Joanna Wiebe

Copywriter, Copy Hackers

Old School Copywriting for New School Bizzes: the Copy Hacker founder delivers┬ámarketing ideas that “normal people” can use.

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna is the founder of Copy Hackers and cofounder of Airstory, the work-writing platform.She’s written conversion copy for businesses like Wistia, InVision, Buffer and Shopify – and this is her second time talking copy on the Business of Software stage.

Old School Copywriting for New School Bizzes

Behind every high-converting acquisition campaign and onboarding email, there’s killer copy.

And behind every killer copywriter is a stack of yellowed books written decades before anyone here was born. In this talk, Joanna will walk you through top copywriting techniques stolen from the late greats – like Gene Schwartz – and how those have performed in emails and on landing pages for oh-so-modern audiences.

Don’t fret if you aren’t in marketing. the same ideas can be used to get your points across better even if you’re a normal person.