David Barrett

CEO Founder, Expensify

David Barrett is the founder of Expensify and all around alpha geek.

David started programming when he was 6 and it has been his primary activity ever since, with a brief hiatus for world travel, technical writing, project management, and now running Expensify. Previous to Expensify, he was the lead engineer of Red Swoosh (acquired by Akamai, from which he was dramatically fired). David is married to an opera singer, and has without question the cutest beagle known to man.

The Path to Successful Growth? Let Your Product Lead the Way

Growth is often measured in terms of market share, customers or revenue, with the onus on marketing and sales to grow the business.

Expensify however, has become the fastest-growing ERP software in the world not by growing the sales or marketing teams, but by developing a uniquely user-driven product. Expensify founder and CEO David Barrett will share his insights on building product-led growth, and what it means to create a product so engaging that it can spur and maintain its own growth organically.