Chris Savage

CEO & Co-Founder, Wistia

Chris Savage is CEO & co-founder of Wistia, the best video hosting platform we know. (BoS opinion, not Press Release).

Armed only with a degree in Art-Semiotics and his experience editing and producing an Emmy Award winning documentary as a recent college grad, Chris and co-founder, Brendan Schwartz, started Wistia in 2006. They raised some angel funding in the early days and since then, have consciously grown a profitable, long term, business that customers and employees love. Wistia now employs over 100 people in its Boston HQ and is focused on building a business for the long term.

Growing and Scaling Without the Hassle of the Hustle

Chris will share how his approach to leadership has evolved as he’s evolved from naïve, startup entrepreneur, to the CEO of an established, profitable business employing over 100 people.

Every business goes through a series of seismic shifts as they grow but often, the people in the business don’t realize they are happening until after the fact. Chris will share some of the critical moments in the growth of Wistia where he realized his approach to leadership had to change and how some of those decisions have meant that Wistia isn’t a company he could have imagined it to be 11 years ago. Expect practical advice that will help you assess your own goals and objectives as well as a few lessons he’s learned from his users that will help you understand your customers better.