Bridget Harris

CEO Founder, YouCanBookMe

Bridget is co-founder and CEO of YouCanBookMe – her third career.

Having started in the television and film industry, she switched to politics where she ended up being an advisor to the UK Deputy Prime Minister. In 2012 she started working full time at YCBM where she deals with YCBM people, business, legal, finance and strategy. The service now manages over 750,000 appointments a year for companies including TED, Uber and Netflix as well as a huge number of SMEs.

Hiring the best talent

Everyone wants to hire the best people. But you also know it’s one of the hardest things to get right. In this talk, CEO of, Bridget Harris, will go over some of the key issues her company has faced, growing not just a product and a customer base, but also a team and culture they can be proud of.

In this talk, she will cover how it’s not just about trying to find the so called ‘rock star developers’. It’s about building up a company culture that will form the basis of attracting the most talented people who will want to work for you.

As the tech industry grapples with answering it’s own tough questions about diversity and inclusion, recruitment is becoming more than ever, a hot topic. Not only does Bridget believe it’s important to be open as possible for people of all backgrounds to work for your company, it could be the critical measure for success. Bridget will set out the steps forwards they’ve made, and some of the steps back.

In this, you’ll get a set of actionable ideas, which will help you make better decisions about how, as well as who, to hire next time.