Seth Godin at Business of Software USA 2017

The Master of Modern Marketing returns with more tips for software businesses

Modern marketing is fast-moving, and hard to do well. Seth’s here to help.  With 33 years of experience in the software business; Seth has seen what works, what doesn’t, and why. He’s also seen what used to work, stop working.

Marketing in the digital age is about selling ideas. Talking about features and benefits isn’t enough any more. You can’t stand out in a sea of similar by doing what you’ve always done.

Seth can show what your customers are looking to buy into, and how you can make that journey to conversion easier. 

Book today: we’re so confident you’ll find it worthwhile, we offer a refund if you don’t feel you got great value.


Why Seth? Seth is world-renowned for his marketing acumen; and cut his teeth at Yoyodyne and Yahoo, back when permission marketing was a novel concept. He’s published dozens of best-selling books on marketing and last spoke at BoS in 2011.

Seth’s blog is avidly followed and packed with ideas, as are his books – we’re looking forward to discussing ideas with him in person and having our paradigms shifted by his talk.  Seth will help you rethink your business proposition, position and customer communications.  Great ideas pay for themselves, and you’ll find lots of them at BoS.


Seth Godin