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January 2018

15th January – Everyone’s Talking About JTBD… We Have the Ultimate Resource for you

8th January – Happy New Year. Scaling SaaS Marketing Hangout this Wednesday


December 2017

20th December – Thank you. The most impactful talks of 2017 and a personal favourite

13th December – All BoS Europe 2017 talks online | Plus: The evolution of SaaS marketing. Your biggest challenge in 2018

1st December – How To: Get A Speaking Slot At A Conference, Build An Effective Team, Get All The BoS Europe 2017 Talks Early


November 2017

25th November – Announcing Business of Software Conference Europe 2018 date. Two more killer talks.

9th November – 1st 2017 BoS Conference Talks Live: Peldi Leads The Charge. Eric Ries sold out in…

3rd November – Winter is coming. Almost time to curl up with this year’s BoS Conference Talks.


October 2017

27th October – Less than 3 weeks till Eric Ries in London. New videos: Jason Cohen, Steve Johnson, Rob Castaneda & Lianna Patch.

12th October – Eric Ries in London. The evolution of ideas. New talks live.

5th October – #BoS2017 Review and notes + Evening with Eric Ries in London


September 2017

14th September – 3 days to go. Off to Boston tomorrow. Two AI ML talks to enjoy.

7th September – 10 days to BoS USA but we hate aggressive marketing. Plus new video & a present from O’Reilly Media.


August 2017

30th August – 19 days to BoS USA. Final program. August rates end. Making a difference + New Kathy Sierra talk.

24th August – Must-read books. Product persuasion. Lightning Talks. < Month to BoS USA

18th August – Humans in business. SaaS Metrics. One Month to Business of Software USA.

10th August – Hotel rate ends Aug 11th. Jason Fried shows how he runs Basecamp.

4th August – BoS Friday Quiz!


July 2017

27th July – Anil Dash, CEO Fog Creek to speak at BoS USA. Price Break & Scholarship Applications Deadline Monday.

21st July – *\o/* BoS USA Schedule Live. *\o/* Lightning Talk Deadline Today. Scholarships, price rises,

14th July – BoS Workshops. New speaker: great story. Lessons from 17 years (sic) running a SaaS business.

6th July – New speakers. Hiring the best. Scholarships Open. Why we’re banning some people from BoS for life.


June 2017

29th June – Lightning Talk Applications Open. New speaker. Pricing update.

16th June – BoS Conference Europe Highlights. New speakers for BoS USA.

1st June – BoS Europe: final countdown. Trend-spotting. Customer Driven Product Teams.


May 2017

25th May – 9 days til BoS Europe: speaker round-up and founder stories

18th May – Jedis, Bond Villains and Dragons: check our new Lightning Talks

11th May – More new speakers. Mental health in software businesses

4th May – BoS Europe programme released; Software sales tips; Spring Rate extended


April 2017

28th April – New Speakers: Scholarships open.

21st April – Lighting Talk applications open. Cool new speakers and cool new talks online.

11th April – Moar new speakers for BoS Europe and BoS USA. Creativity hangout today.


March 2017

24th March – More speakers: Seller’s remorse & making complexity simple. Changing company culture hangout tomorrow.

9th March – Seth Godin to speak at BoS USA. Change of London venue. Other good stuff.

1st March – 1st speakers for BoS Europe & USA. Ticket price rise in 24 hours. Other good stuff.


February 2017

13th February – BoS News | Next AMAs | BoS EU Hotel


January 2017

23rd January – Two great hangouts this week plus the man that turned down $100 million for his company.

11th January – Join us for online AMA with Alex Osterwalder tomorrow, and announcing BoS Europe Venue