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2014 Reg Open

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Lightning talks

Abby Fichtner Hacker Chick

Abby Fichtner

Harvard Innovation Lab

Abby Fichtner is Hacker in Residence at Harvard Innovation Lab and creator of Hack Boston.

Magga Dora Mad Pow

Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir

Mad Pow

Magga believes people’s lives can be improved by creating good user experiences.

Dominick-Reed-Hello-Pic Red Gate

Dominick Reed

Red Gate

Dominick drinks lead paint and dreams of a world made of marzipan.

Rosemary Frances Ellexus

Rosemary Francis


Rosemary is passionate about windsurfing, snowboarding, baking, and standing up for under-represented minorities in the tech industry.


Let the speakers decide…


The final presenter will be chosen by his or her peers in a Lightning Talk ‘bake-off’.