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2016 will be the 10th Business of Software Conference USA, and 13th overall.



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Business of Software Conference USA is a single-track software conference.

This September (12-14th), the 10th Business of Software Conference will be at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center, Boston, MA for two and a half days of keynotes, workshops and networking with the world’s leading software entrepreneurs.

The focus of the conference is scaling and growth. The program is designed to address the challenges businesses face as they grow.

Why care?

  • Speakers – Speakers are hand picked for their experience and ability to communicate and teach. In 2015, they included: David Heinemeier Hansson, Creator of Ruby on Rails and CEO of Basecamp; Patrick McKenzie, CEO of Starfighter; Peldi, Founder and CEO, Balsamiq Mockups; see more speakers.
  • Attendees – There is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at Business of Software. 400 switched on entrepreneurs from around the globe all flying into Logan International. Some of the best learning comes from the corridor and dinner conversations. As part of a self selecting group, you’re guaranteed to meet someone who can help take your business to the next level, or have a solution for the problem which has been keeping you up at night.
  • Boston – Business of Software is not based in Silicon Valley for good reason. It is about building long term, sustainable software businesses. Basing Business of Software Conference in ‘The Intellectual Capital of the US’ reflects the values of the event – a thoughtful conference, where people come to listen and learn, not self promote and shout.
  • Registration – We’d love to see you at Business of Software Conference USA this year. Save your place here.
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Who is behind BoS?

The Business of Software Conference is produced by the Business Leaders Network. We also do events in the UK for the European tech scene such as Business of Software Conference Europe. Call us:+1 267-282-6736 – (BoS at BOS DO) or email

Some highlights from 2014 below. See you in Boston.

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