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2015 will be the 9th edition of Business of Software.

Over the years we have welcomed over 3,000 delegates from more than 900 companies, watching more than 100 speakers.


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What is Business of Software?

Business of Software helps the people who run the world’s best software companies grow their businesses. It is an event with a strong software focus, but you don’t have to be a geek to enjoy it. It is NOT an event where people sit talking about code (all the time). It IS an event where founders, directors, CEOs and decision makers take the time to look at their business, root and branch, and consider where it is heading and how to get it there.

We have a single customer – the delegate – who comes to talk, listen, learn, network and hang out with like minded people who want to learn about growing long term, sustainable software businesses. Those people might venture backed; they might be public companies; or large, growing, successful self-funded organizations; some are even bootstrapped sole traders. We care about offering our customers the best possible environment to think about working on, not in their business.

Who should attend?

We regularly have product managers, development managers, marketeers and project managers turn up, and they all enjoy themselves – enormously. We’re trying to put together an eclectic mix of sessions. We’re inviting speakers who we have something to learn from, who we think are cool or who we want to hear speak. We’re hoping you will too.

Where will it be?

Business of Software is coming home to the Seaport, Boston, the only hotel in Boston to have its own pillow library! Find the Seaport here (1 Seaport Lane, Boston, MA 02210)

You can be assured of attentive service, working WiFi, an intimate atmosphere and some of the best software entrepreneurs on the planet in residence. We have a limited room allocation so suggest early reservation. BoS has a special group rate $294 per room – you can access it and make a reservation here.If you want to speak to the hotel on a telephone make sure you ask for the Business of Software Conference rate.

How much will it cost?

Business of Software is not one of those conferences that goes out to make as much money from corporate sponsors as it possibly can. Then the delegates end up being bombarded with marketing material. In the past we’ve been approached by a potential sponsor who, unsolicited, offered us $45,000 to sponsor the event. All they wanted was a speaking slot… We turned them down flat.

There is no question this is a fair amount of money for a three day event, though we know people get value. If you book in advance, you can take advantage of early bird discounts that help us plan and you to get a good deal. The closer the conference gets, the more you will pay – if there are tickets left.

I want more numbers about BoS! 2015 will be the 9th edition of Business of Software. Over the years we have welcomed over 3000 delegates from more than 900 companies, watching more than 100 speakers. 95.9% of this year’s delegates would recommend the conference to a friend, and 94.7% are considering coming again. What else did they say? We’ve blogged here about how they sum up BoS and for a feel of the atmosphere take a look at the highlights video on the home page.

BoS in Stories

  • The founder of a business selling amazing tools to the developer community composed of a highly-distributed, global team of developers and marketers.
  • A geek who sat down one day to solve a problem, started coding, then looked up to realize 10, 20, perhaps 100 people were working in a company that they had accidentally set up.
  • A product manager in a 400 person organization that has been given the task of leading the future growth of a company by diversifying the product range of a business currently dependent on a single product.
  • The founder of a 50 person organization in the mid-West who just sold their business after 15 years to a large public company and is thinking about what is next.
  • The CEO of a successful business that after 10 years of strong growth takes investment from a tier one venture capital firm.
  • “I remember when Geoffrey Moore got up and started to talk about the difference between ‘core’ and ‘context’… that one talk actually literally, realigned my company. It caused us to pay attention to what was really important and what we needed to do.” Joel Spolsky, Fog Creek.

Who is behind BoS? The Business of Software Conference is produced by the Business Leaders Network. We also do great events in the UK for the European tech scene. Find out more here. Call us:+1 267-282-6736 – (BoS at BOS DO) or email

Can’t make it to the States? We also run BoS Europe, 24-25th June 2015. More info here.

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