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Paul Kenny at Business of Software 2010: Hard Wiring Sales into your Organisation. Video & transcript.

Paul Kenny gave the single best talk about sales and software I have ever heard at Business of Software 2010. The audience of die-hard techies turned business people agreed. If you involved in any sort of technology business, software, hardware, whatever, you should make some time for this. It will increase your revenue and profit or […]

David Russo at Business of Software 2010: Why Culture Matters and How to manage it. Video & Transcript.

This is a great talk because it explains why 'company culture' is an important thing in any business, the five principle kinds of company culture, and what you can, and cannot do to manage company culture successfully. David Russo ran the HR function at the SaS Institute as it grew from 50 to 5000 people. […]

Seth Godin at Business of Software 2010: Are you afraid to truly make an impact? Video & transcript.

Another stunning talk from Business Software 2010, this time Seth Godin. “Are you afraid to truly make an impact? The opportunity for linchpin organizations and the people who run them.” Business of Software 2011, Boston, MA, October 24-26th2011 For people growing sustainable, profitable, software businesses. If you book by 22nd September and use the code, BoSSep, you […]

Eric Ries at Business of Software 2010: The science of lean startups. Video & transcript of talk.

Eric Ries had a busy weekend as he launches his book, The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses. If you are reading this blog and you haven’t bought it already something is very, very wrong. This is Eric’s talk at the Business of Software 2010. This video is not […]

Eric Sink at Business of Software 2010: Things I learned in selling Teamprise to Microsoft. Video & transcript.

Eric Sink is the author of Eric Sink on the Business of Software and Version Control by example. He is the founder of SourceGear, a source control system vendor. He also founded the AbiWord project, and lead the team that built the SpyGlass browser, now known as “Internet Explorer”. He’s the first to have coined the […]

Jason Cohen at Business of Software 2010: Working out when to break the rules & ignore advice. Video & transcript.

Jason Cohen's Business of Software talk in 2010 was a cracker. As someone who has consistently broken the rules he spoke about rules and when you might break them. He also offers great advice about advice. He explains why you should always remember that advice, even from the best known and admired sources, should always […]

Peldi at Business of Software 2010: Do Worry, Be Happy! Keeping sane as a software CEO. Video & transcript

Peldi, Founder and CEO of Balsamiq talks about all of the things that he worries about, some of the things he doesn’t and the secret to sleeping well at night. If there is a better, more concentrated source of advice for the founder of a startup or growth business, let us know. We will give […]

Dan Bricklin at Business of Software 2010: There is always new technology. When should we care? How do we take advantage of it? Video & transcript.

Dan Bricklin invented the spreadsheet amongst other things. In this talk he shares the knowledge he has gained from producing software that people buy for over 40 years. A brilliant talk from someone with absolutely nothing left to prove in the software business. My notes from the conference talk are here: Joel Spolsky: Alright, our […]

Derek Sivers at Business of Software 2010. Video and transcript of talk

We know that not everyone can get to Business of Software but we do want to be able to share some of the incredible stories that the speakers share. Most of the talks are posted online, with the permission of the speakers. Not everyone gets to sit down for an hour to listen to a […]

Hello Ladies! Patrick McKenzie at Business of Software 2010: marketing to minorities

Simply one of the best Lightning Talks ever from Patrick McKenzie (@patio11) at last year’s Business of Software. IF you want to learn about how to target niche minority markets like non-Americans, non-techies and even the 50% of the world’s population that is, shock horror, female, AND you enjoy laughing out loud, this is worth 7 […]

Jason Cohen (@asmartbear) at Business of Software 2010: Six ways to work out whether advice is helpful to you.

Summary “That’s how it is done”, is bullshit. Make up your own rules and understand that all advice comes with its own prejudices. For a transcript of this talk and notes click here. Bio Jason is the founder of Smart Bear Software and author of Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review. He blogs weekly […]

Scott Farquhar, Atlassian at Business of Software 2010: From Bootstrap to $60m. What I’ve learnt.

Summary Atlassian has been a successful software bootstrap, right up until we took $60m funding from Accel Partners in July 2010. Scott packs some of what he’s learnt about running a software company into thirty minutes. You’ll hear about how to pick a business model, how to get free marketing, how we hired 32 people […]

Derek Sivers, CD Baby at Business of Software 2010: I sold my business and gave the money away

Summary Derek A/B tests his possible talks with the audience before talking about how and why he grew one of the most successful online music distribution businesses in the world. Why did he sell it and why has he given the money away? For a transcript of this talk and notes click here. Bio Derek […]

Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot at Business of Software 2010: Building A Great Software Business – Notes From The Field

Summary Dharmesh is obsessed by code and making customers happy. In this talk at Business of Software 2010, Dharmesh talks about why venture capital is neither necessary, nor evil, how value is created, why user experience is EVERYTHING and how Hubspot developed its key metric, the ‘CHI’ – Customer Happiness Index. Bio Dharmesh Shah is […]

David Russo, Eno River Associates at Business of Software 2010: Why Culture Matters

Summary The founding leadership in a business sets the world view, the tone for the culture that decides whether a business will succeed or fail in the long haul. Culture is set from the start, you can’t change it and if you try, you will destroy value in your business. Here is the proof. Bio […]

Rob Walling, at Business of Software 2010: The number one goal of your website

Summary What’s the primary goal of your website? Not to sell software. With most visitors returning multiple times before making a purchase, your primary goal should be to draw visitors back to your site. In this talk, Rob looks in-depth at why this is the case, and how to make it happen. Bio Rob Walling […]

Paul Kenny at Business of Software 2010: Selling Sales to Techies

Summary In this session Paul explores how best to get the customer really talking about their needs their concerns and their aspirations. We explore how best to use our questioning and listening skills to engage the customer in a meaningful dialogue, which will help not only to identify an appropriate solution, but also to enhance […]

Eric Ries at Business of Software 2010: The Science of Lean Startups

Summary Most software projects fail. Most startups fail. Most new products are never used. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Lean Startup is a disciplined approach to imagining, designing, and building new products. By testing our assumptions earlier, faster, and with more rigor, we can stop wasting people’s time. Bio Eric Ries […]

Dan Bricklin, Software Garden, Inc at Business of Software 2010: What have I learned in 40 years of developing software products that people use?

Summary Dan’s DNA is embedded in software across the world and across the decades. What has Dan learned about software along the way? Think about the ‘job’ that people will hire the software to do. Software is being used as an alternative to employees. For a transcript of this talk and notes click here. Bio […]