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Joel Spolsky’s talk at Business of Software 2008 on being number one

How come you can recognise the tune of the number one song of 1968 as being Hey Jude by the Beatles, but not the number two song? Why has the iPod had the success that the Zune has been denied? Why are Herman Miller chairs cool, but their functionally equivalent competitors lame? Why is Ruby […]

Professor Noam Wasserman at Business of Software 2008: ‘Rich’ or ‘King’.

Professor Noam Wasserman at Business of Software 2008 introducing the concept of, ‘Rich’ or ‘King’.

Jessica Livingston at Business of Software 2008: Founders at work

Above is the video of Jessica Livingston at Business of Software 2008. Jessica talks about lessons learned from her interviews with, among others, Paul Graham, Steve Wozniak, Mitch Kapor and Joel Spolsky:

Paul Kenny at Business of Software 2008: How to Learn to Love your Inner Sales Person

Last week, 18 of us gathered for the first ever London BoS dinner. It was a great reminder of how the pub, the pizza parlour and the coffee house – real-life interactions as old as beer itself – trump the web 2.0 pretenders of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Whenever I talk to other ISVs there […]

Eric Sink at Business of Software 2008: Product Management

Last night, at 7:30, six of us were faced with a problem: where to eat? By 7:45 we still had no answer. It was a well-defined, tractable problem with clear goals (eat) and fixed parameters (somewhere close). We were six bright, motivated and increasingly hungry people. But that’s the problem with self-directed teams. In theory, […]

Dharmesh Shah at Business of Software 2008: Insights from and around MIT

At Business of Software 2008, Dharmesh Shah of the OnStartups blog (you should subscribe to his RSS feed) gave a great talk about start-ups. Dharmesh has a great presentation style – a perfect demonstration of how you don’t need soaring rhetoric to create a powerful and engaging talk. When Dharmesh speaks, it’s low-key and conversational, […]

Jason Fried at Business of Software 2008: The Philosophy of 37signals

Jason is the founder of 37signals. Jason talks about many things in this session, focussing on the philosophy of 37signals (for example, they pay for employees’ hobbies) and how bigger isn’t always better. Interesting stuff, even though I don’t agree with everything he says. Are roadmaps, specifications and projections really as pointless as he claims?

Alexis Ohanian at Business of Software 2008: Keeping It Real – how to start, run and sell a web 2.0 startup

At BoS 2008, Alexis Ohanian’s alter ego, Pierre Francois, won the Pecha Kucha with a talk about how to start, run and sell a web 2.0 startup. Enjoy!

Cory Doctorow at Business of Software 2008: Life in the Information Economy

One of my side-projects is running a series of talks in Cambridge, UK. A couple of weeks ago Cory Doctorow (the editor of Boing Boing) gave the inaugural talk. According to Cory, we made a bet, some decades ago, that the information economy would be based on buying and selling information. We were totally, 100 […]

Noam Wasserman at Business of Software 2008: Founder’s Dilemma – Rich vs King.

Found a company and you can be in control or you can be rich. It’s hard to be both: you need to figure out what motivates you, and what’s important to you, and then act accordingly. According to Noam Wasserman, a professor at Harvard Business School, if you’re an entrepreneur then you will often face […]

Steve Krug at Business of Software 2008

Steve Krug has agreed to speak at Business of Software 2008. If you haven’t heard of Steve then you’ve probably heard of his book. Don’t Make Me Think – a Common Sense Approach to Usability has over 380 five-star reviews at Amazon. We’ve got several copies floating around at Red Gate, and – along with […]

Steve Johnson at Business of Software 2008: Why Software is Not a Business

Steve Johnson of Pragmatic Marketing won last year’s Software Idol competition at Business of Software 2007. In this video of his winning talk, Steve rails against CEOs, marketers, CFOs, engineers and just about everybody else in the software industry. It’s entertaining and thought-provoking.