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Your minimum viable recruiting process

John Knox, Austin’s finest, wearer of Google Glass and generous supporter of BoS student grants, recently sent us this short essay on recruiting which made us laugh so much we had to share

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Where are they now? BoS speaker alumni….

Inspired by the line up of founders speaking at BoS this year, we’ve dug back through previous talks to find out what some of our more prominent speaker alumni thought was important five, six, seven years ago.

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The Patio11 trilogy

patrick mckenzie, kalzumeus

Back at BoS2010 a young, rather nervous looking engineer in a green tee launched into his Lightning Talk. He’d rather shamelessly stolen his opening line.

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A world before Lean. Eric Ries at BoS2010

Lean startup swoosh

Just five years ago, many of us knew nothing about Lean. Or at least, none of us had a name for it. Here’s Eric Ries, in the dawn of Lean, speaking at Business of Software in 2010.

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