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Managing projects with subversion and trac – free ebook from BoS workshop

Beau Adkins writes, "Along with Zuly, I attended Business of Software (BoS2011) this year. This was my first time attending, and I have to say it was an intense 3 days; lots of learning and lots of networking. Although I had a good time and met a lot of really nice people, I’m glad to be back home […]

#suckless #BoS2011 #Boston project update – 1 week in.

If you were at BoS last week, you might remember Paul Kenny asked people to make a commitment to putting something in place in their business within 7 days of BoS2011 finishing and pass it on to someone else in the room. I am putting $10 (about £3 of your English pounds using an exchange […]

Clayton Christensen at BoS2011 in 7 tweets

Some great tweetable lines from this year's Business of software Conference as collected by the inimitable Zuly Gonzalez of Light Point Security. Zuly won a Stack Exchange (stunning idea), sponsored place to Business of Software for being an awesome community member. A sample here from the first talk by Professor Clayton Christensen… Clayton Christensen Image Credit: […]

6 great takeaways from BoS2011

Lots of blogging going on post Business of Software. We will link to, and run some of the stories, notes and opinions over the next few weeks. First up, James Young, of EzCoC with his six key takeaways. "Business of Software 2011October 24-26Boston, MA I just arrived back home in Raleigh after attending this year’s Business […]

BoS 2011 in a picture

We didn’t get a chance to get all the speakers together at BoS 2011 for a photo, so I drew them instead. The image might be wider than the browser window, so expand it to see all the figures. There are other sizes / high-res for printing etc. on flickr. I’m on twitter and Google+too. […]

And the winner of Alexis Ohanian’s Macbook Air is…

It's complicated… We had a metric f-tonne of entries. Thank you. We decided to award the prize to the person that had the most actionable idea that had a chance of scaling. There are two entries that we thought expressed particularly good ideas. Some guy called Dharmesh(?)!/dharmesh/status/129223285467660288 Every great programmer should help two other developers just […]

Happy Monday! #BoS2011 Live Stream & almost $8,500 of stuff – for free – for you.

Two ways to treat yourself at the start of the week. Come and watch the FREE livestream of Business of Software 2011 starting at 9.00 am EST TODAY! First speaker is Professor Clayton Christensen who will be followed today by Jason Cohen, Alex Osterwalder, Dharmesh Shah, Jeff Lawson and Tobias Lütke. Enough said? Well the conference would […]

Business of Software. Times, locations and attendees.

Happy Sunday and welcome to Boston and the Business of Software. If you are registered, you will receive an email version of the attendee list. This is not for publication but you can see job titles of attendees and where they are coming from. We have 358 attendees. Registration will start on Sunday evening at 7.00pm in […]

“Daddy, what’s an introvert? Why don’t I give them some tips?”

Business of Software will start soon. People have already arrived in Boston from Australia and a substantial UK contingent is heading out tomorrow.  For all those thinking about how to pluck up courage to talk to people they view as heroes, my daughter has some advice. I am pleased to present an 8 year old's […]

World ends on 21st October. Business of Software still going ahead.

Thanks to Paul Kenny for pointing out that the world actually ends on 21st October according to Harold Campling. He seems slightly peeved that he has put so much work into his presentation. How does he think we feel?!? We are going out on a limb here and have ordered food for a sell out […]

Thank you Wilmer Hale for sponsoring some more Business of Software places

A big, 'thank you' to Mick Bain and Graham Robinson at Wilmer Hale who have generously agreed to support some more scholarships to attend Business of Software next week in Boston. Hugely appreciated by all the recipients, and indeed by us. It is great to see a well-established and respected law firm doing something like […]

This completely goes against the spirit of Business of Software.

Thanks to Alexis Ohanian for pointing this one out. In his words, 'Penguins can be dicks too'.  Come next week and share stuff. The funny thing about knowledge is, the more you give it away, the more you get back. Bad penguins.

Business of Software – hashtags, Lanyrd, LinkedIn, livestream, workshops – one handy page.

Date and venue: October 24th-26th 2011 at the World Trade Center, Boston. NEXT WEEK!!! If you are coming, please sign up and let other know on LinkedIn and Lanyrd. it will make you much easier to connect with other useful people while you are there. Twitter Hashtags: We are going to run two hashtags this year – they are for […]

Register to get the BoS2011 Live Stream direct to your office/laptop/home.

This year, by popular demand, we will be streaming Business of Software live as it happens in Boston. The event, and the stream, kicks off at 9.00 am EST on 24th October from the Business of Software home page – that is this time next week. Best of all, the stream is fre to view. You can […]

BoS BOS Big Band

Ouch! Just got the final quote for instruments for the Monday night band. When did everything stop being so cheap in America?  We might have to switch to plan B… Looks like we will have to save the bottles from John Nese's soda pop tasting…

One way to set hearts fluttering.

In the last hour, a bunch of people who volunteered to lead workshop sessions at Business of Software got an email with a list of the people that are coming to their session. I have already had one email back from someone saying, 'Why on earth is X coming to my session? They're my hero. […]

DBA in Space

Every now and then, you come across an idea that makes your heart jump and your skin tingle. That happened to me a few months ago, when Richard and Anthony pitched a small group of us an idea. “It’s called DBA in Space”, Richard said. I don’t remember the rest of the pitch.  “DBA in […]

Startup scholarship to attend Business of Software 2011.

What a great thought. We had a lovely note from John Knox, founder of Moving Average Inc, who develop mobile applications for the Android™, iPhone®, and iPad® mobile devices, who has been a long time attendee at Business of Software. He has clearly been putting what he has learned to good use and in the spirit […]

Sponsorship & profile raising opportunities at Business of Software.

As Business of Software has developed over the years, more and more organisations have asked how they can sponsor the event. The simple answer is we have never taken sponsorship at the event as we have always been concerned that it will change the nature of what we are doing. Business of Software is the […]

Some things you need to know if you are coming to Business of Software 2011

Date and venue: October 24th-26th 2011 at the World Trade Center, Boston. Workshops: Running on Monday afternoon and Wednesday lunchtime/early afternoon. List of workshops here. Long list with details of Monday workshops here. Long list with details of Wednesday workshops here. Help with workshop registration here. Want to make music with the BoS BOS Big Band on Monday night? […]

Business of Software 2011 on Linked In, Lanyrd, Twitter

Please take a moment to let others know you are coming and add your name to the LinkedIn and Lanyrd event pages. You will be able to see who else is coming and identify people that you want to spend time with at the conference. We also have a BoSConference Twitter account where you can […]

BoS hotel almost full, ticket price rises on 22nd September.

Quick reminder to let you know you should be booking your hotel accommodation at the Seaport Hotel if you are planning on staying there. With over a month to go the the conference, we have exceeded our allocation on a few nights of the conference already and have less than 10 rooms available at best […]

Help with workshop registration for BoS2011 Workshops

Here are some instructions to help you register for the event workshops. I am sorry there are a few clicks involved. We will not be using the same registration software (RegOnline) next year. From your confirmation email, ‘Click here’ to review your detailed event record. If you don't have a confirmation email handy, go direct […]

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It is off to the BoS workshops you go! Workshop timetable & sign up now live.

Here is the final list of Business of Software Workshops. If you are already registered for the conference, you should go and register for your first choice as soon as you can. As these are workshops, space is limited and demand is likely to be high. You can sign up for the workshops by editing […]

New speaker at Business of Software 2011

Much excitement at Business of Software Towers with the news that Alexis Ohanian, (@knothing), co-founder of Reddit, investor, founder and all round activist in Hipmunk, (the only flight search engine that I can actually understand and a thing of such beauty that even my wife thinks it is cool). Alexis gave a killer Lightning Talk […]

Want to show off your company at BoS? Chief Sumo can help

I’m a fat-ass Sumo….and wherever my fat-ass goes, it attracts lots of attention. I’m so big my gravitational field literally pulls eyes towards me!   This will be no exception at the Business of Software conference.  And perhaps I can share that attention with your company….. Since I’m the Chief Sumo of…. I know […]

Strangers, passion, money, knowledge…

A guest blog from Shawn Anderson, 4 time Business of Software attendee, all round gentleman and president and co-founder of Admin Arsenal, maker of tools for IT administrators, a.k.a. smart people. Shawn shares seven top tips for getting the most out of the Business of Software conference. Shawn is:, @ShawnAnderson,   Would you give a total stranger […]

Run a workshop or unconference session at Business of Software 2011

One feature of Business of Software that we will be changing a little this year are the workshop and round table sessions. Traditionally, these have been held as open sign up sessions in an afternoon slot and up to ten people on a table debate a single subject of common interest. They give delegates a chance […]

Lightning Talks, Early Birds and the Business of Software

As you probably already know, Lightning Talks are an important part of the Business of Software experience. They follow a simple format – every speaker gets 15 slides and 30 seconds per slide to talk about a subject of their choice. The slides advance automatically.  If you would like to do a Lightning Talk at […]

BoS Registrations reach halfway. Here is where people are coming from.

I was idly thinking about seeing if some Business of Software delegates might be interested in getting together before the conference so had a look at where the 180 registered attendees are coming from (exactly halfway now). Seems you are a pretty ecelctic and well dispersed bunch! So, 180 people, 17 countries and Chicago is […]