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Worthy winner 1 for Business of Software Conference Pass competition

Congratulations to Gabriel Mays who won last week’s ‘Find the Code’ first thus winning himself a Free Pass to Business of Software Conference, October 28-30th. Good luck with Just Add Content Gabe, congratulations of finding the code ‘BoSKeyPie’ in The Whisky Priest Menu blog post and see you at Business of Software. Subscribe to email updates if you […]

All Cities Send a Message: Boston support networks for entrepreneurs

I’ve just finished reading an-old-but-great-essay from the inimitable Paul Graham about the messages cities send and how that affects enterprise culture. He makes the point that you need to live in a city and really understand it before you can fully decode its culture, but for a new girl in town like me, the most […]

Live Q&A with Jeff Gothelf, NEO (and Author: Lean UX). 12.00 noon EST, Sept 19th

Where do you begin with embedding innovation practices in your growing software business? Tomorrow at 12 noon EST we’ll talk to Jeff Gothelf, CEO of NEO about his work and the big, audacious topic he intends to tackle at Business of Software – a step by step guide on how to build and support innovation […]

Business of Software – who’s coming?

Wondering who else will be at Business of Software?Well, here’s a bunch of interesting companies for a start: PHC, eMoney Advisor, OpenEye Scientific Software, Avontus Software, UserScape, Tuff Decisions Inc., Software Verification, Interapptive, Inc., Enova, Moraware, GoECart, Cape Horn Strategies, Zillow, TBD, CustLabs Ltd., Entrance, Schneider Electric IT DK ApS, Lobster Software, agileDSS Inc., Delivra, […]

The Business of Software Conference site tear down

Thanks to this website tear down that we asked our new friends Brecht Palombo and Scott Yewell at the ‘Bootstrapped with Kids‘ podcast we just noticed that we don’t actually say that Business of Software is a Conference, in Boston, on our homepage (among many other things). We don’t even say why people might want […]

Can your product help run a global software community or an event business?

If you make software that will make our lives, and the lives of our customers, easier, we’re all ears… We are currently starting to rebuild the Business of Software and BLN web sites as well as integrate these sites with our back office, billing, CRM, email marketing, social media, accounting functions etc. As we retool the […]

Live Q&A with Sarah Hatter, CEO CoSupport. 12.00 noon EST, Sept 10th

Support can be an unloved function in a software business, but what other part of your business gives you the chance to turn ‘ho-hum’ customers into raving fans? This morning/afternoon (depending on your timezone) we’ll be chatting to Sarah Hatter, founder of CoSupport, about why is support is such a dirty word in many software […]

Live Q&A with Dan Siroker, CEO, Optimizely. 13.00 EST, September 4th 2013.

This hangout is now history. Thank you Dan. You can view the conversation between Dan Siroker and Mark Littlewood about the growth of Optimizely and AB Testing and what keeps Dan awake at night below. Come and join Dan Siroker, CEO Founder of Optimizely and previously the man behind the data analytics for President Obama’s successful […]

Business of Software Conference Sunday photowalk

One of the highlights of BoS for me would be attending this but I never end up getting the chance as we are busy putting up signs, getting registration ready etc. That shouldn’t stop you going though. The chance to take photos and learn a few tricks with people like Betsy Weber and John Knox […]

Paul Kenny, GBP: It’s not your personality style holding you back in your professional or personal life, it’s your inability to recognise where your natural preferences aren’t serving you and to flex or adapt when required.

A guest blog from Paul Kenny, BoS hero. Paul offers some insight into the age old question of introverts and sale and offers some wider thoughts about how individuals can adopt different styles in different situations. – - I first spoke at Business of Software in 2008, when I delivered a rather nervous, presentation ‘Sales […]

Here comes Labor Day and the end of the summer. One thing before you clock off…

As it is Labor Day on Monday it really is the official end of the summer. I hope you all had a great one. Personally, I had one of the best ever – hanging out with some of the friends and family of some of the people I have met at Business of Software over […]

Is BoS doing a livestream this year?

The short answer is, ‘No’. The longer answer is that while we have for the past two years as an experiment the cost of doing so is simply too high to justify for us. It isn’t just the hard cost of delivering the livestream (over $25,000), it is a business model question and a question of […]

Depression, entrepreneurs & software developers

So this is a big thing for us all I think even if we can pretend it isn’t. Greg Baugues is a developer who has Type II Biploar and ADHD. He applied to do a Lightning Talk last year but it wasn’t picked to present. It was an interesting talk about how to overcome natural […]

It’s back! Avangate’s BoS scholarships to support innovative software vendors.

Great news – the nice people at Avangate are once again funding Business of Software scholarships for innovative software vendors who would benefit from BoS but would otherwise not be able to finance it. There are scholarships for three companies – businesses that aim to be future software leaders – and we’re very excited to […]

Lightning Talks – the soon to be more famous five

Here are the Lightning Talks that will be presenting at Business of Software Conference 2013 in Boston. You may have noticed that we have already added an additional speaker to the programme, Greg Baugues who will be talking about, Depression, entrepreneurs and developers. Greg applied to do a Lightning Talk and we have shuffled the […]

Lightning Talks are in. First impressions and next steps.

So the Lightning Talk entries are in… I try to make a point on NOT looking at them as they come in as they are a HUGE distraction. And then we start to go through them all… The Lightning Talks provoke a combination of guffaws, ‘Aha’ moments, giggles, sighs of disbelief (did Frank Slickman really submit […]

Hello Ladies! Patrick McKenzie’s 362 day working year & other secrets of his success. A guest post from @Patio11

Does anyone remember an incredibly nervous looking geek at Business of Software 2010? As he stood, gulping air and muttering to himself at the back of the auditorium, the contrast between the bright blood red Twilio jacket he was wearing and the white, bloodless face, was remarkable. This was a shy introvert on the brink […]

Tom Erickson, CEO of Drupal experts Acquia to talk at BoS2013 about growing a global software business

We want to let you know that the CEO and co-founder of one of the most successful open source companies on the planet will be speaking at Business of Software Conference this year about how to scale internationally. Please welcome Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia to the Business of Software Conference family. Tom has a […]

Lightning Talk Competition: submissions for Business of Software 2013. Deadline 7th August.

The Lightning Talk Competition is always one of the highlights of the Business of Software Conference programme and last year’s speakers did us proud – the highest quality set of talks overall we have ever had. We had over 50 video submissions to speak so picking the presenters wasn’t easy even if it was entertaining. This […]

Welcome O’Reilly Media

Question for you: what do Eric Ries, Jeff Gothelf, Scott Berkun and Kathy Sierra have in common? Yes, they’re all BoS speakers, no prizes there. They also share a publisher, O’Reilly Media, an organisation which, in its own words, is put on this earth to ’spread the knowledge of innovators’. After 25 years of working in […]

How to prepare your Lightning Talk – the alumni speak.

So, apparently I have to write a blog post today which doesn’t mention royalty or babies, despite every other media outlet in the United Kingdom being awash with nannies, nappies and nurseries. So let’s talk about Lightning Talks, shall we? The gestation of a Lightning Talk is relatively short, at only 12 weeks, and although the […]

Anything you Want

I read, ‘Anything you Want‘ by Derek Sivers after he shared this wonderful talk at Business of Software Conference 2010. Most business books are long and become boring as there is a central point that is repeated ad nausem as publishers are still stuck in the, ‘More is more’ publishing paradigm. ‘Anything you Want‘ is […]

If you missed the Business of Software Conference newsletter, here you go. Sign up & don’t miss the next one.

Three more great speakers confirmed for Business of Software Conference (28-30th October 2013). We hope you will be as excited as us about the new additions… First and second, Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek from Re-Wired Group will be doing a talk, ‘Uncovering the Jobs-to-be-done‘. You might remember Clayton Christensen’s talk a couple of years ago when he introduced this concept […]

Business of Software Conference speaker, Iris Lapinski, CEO, Apps for Good, named by Forbes magazine as one of five, Innovative Rising Stars

One of the things we really, really enjoy at Business of Software is discovering new, relatively undiscovered, talented people who are changing the world with technology and have something to say that is relevant to running great businesses and building great products. Congratulations then to Iris Lapinski, CEO of Apps for Good (and Business of […]

Building the minimum bad ass user. Some unfinished business… Kathy Sierra at Business of Software Conference 2013.

Kathy Sierra‘s talk last year, ‘Building the minimum bad ass user‘, is one that has had a huge impact, not just on the people that were there in the room on the day, but on people who have watched it online subsequently. One of the key metrics we use to measure the value of the talks […]

Chris Spiek & Bob Moesta talk at Business of Software 2013 on, ‘Jobs to be done’ and why customers switch products

Remember that amazing Professor Clayton Christensen talk at Business of Software 2011 about life, marketing and the jobs that people hire products to do? You could almost hear the pennies dropping as he talked about the importance of understanding the job that your product does. Before we tell you a little bit more about Chris […]

We’re so excited…

But we are going to have to wait till Monday to share some news with you. Reminded me that people are awesome… I am feeling as sharp as the guy at 1.12 on that video right now though it is really nothing to do with me.

Business of Software Conference update – new speakers and EARLY BIRD deadline TODAY!

Two new speakers for Business of Software Conference (28-30th October 2013) and a reminder that the EARLY BIRD rate of $1,695 closes in 24 hours time. Scott Berkun will share his experiences working at, one of the top 20 websites in the world (by traffic), one of the world’s most distributed companies – there is no office. […]

Scott Berkun to speak at Business of Software Conference about his year without pants and the future of work

We’re delighted to announce Scott Berkun as a speaker at this year’s Business of Software conference, 28-30th October 2013, Boston, MA. Scott is a thoughtful and insightful character, and you may have already read one of his books, Making Things Happen, The Myths of Innovation, Confessions of a Public Speaker, and Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds. If you […]

RIP Doug Engelbart. Computer Scientist, human, inventor, visionary, deliverer of ‘the Mother of All Demos’

—- ——— — DOUG ENGELBERT RIP Doug Engelbart, inventor, visionary and apparently all round good guy, died yesterday aged 88. He will probably be most remembered for inventing the computer mouse though his legacy is much more significant than that – this is a nice appreciation from Bret Victor - that explains the problem of describing […]